Greentree transportation

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Need transportation? greentree transportation can help you.
What do you need to know about transportation?

Variants of transportation and greentree transportation.

There are different types of transportation. These include the following types:
● air transportation,
● railway transportation,
● sea ​​transport,
● trucking.
greentree transportation covers one or more of the above options.

General rules for transportation and greentree transportation.

For any type of transportation, it is important to comply with the law.
Pay attention to possible coordination with the following services: customs committee, sanitary and epidemiological station, quarantine office. Attach the required documents to the cargo.

Requirements for the sender.

If the cargo meets all the norms of the law, then for the cargo usually two parameters are distinguished: the first parameter is the mass and the second parameter is the dimensions. In special cases, other specific parameters appear.

Responsibility greentree transportation.

greentree transportation is responsible for:
Compliance with delivery times and the safety of the goods.